You don’t have to live launch-to-launch or have a crazy schedule to generate massive profits in your business. You just need to have access To A Proven system that works for you all day, every day!
The method 1000 hustlin’ entrepreneurs have used to go from running-on-empty
 to running a multiple six figure business with time to spare.
How would you like to have a system that helps your dream clients see the value in what you do, positions you as an expert, and sells your offers every single day of the month
It’s there. It’s possible. And almost in your reach. 

You just need to be willing to ditch the doubts, and take your first step towards building a strong, sustainable & scalable business. 
Wondering why you’re hustling and still not winning like “everyone else”?  
Let me solve the mystery…
But first, let’s talk about YOU. 
You are not afraid to put in the work...
When most people would be calling it quits... you manage a household, run errands, take care of your family, and STILL work on your business tirelessly. 
You are incredible at what you do...
People come to you for advice and your opinion is respected. You know you can help millions (but there’s only so much you can do in a day!). 
You are on a mission to help others... a better, more beautiful life. Pursuing influence isn’t all about you, it’s all about making a difference  in others’ lives!  And just because you are in the business of people, doesn't mean you have to commit to working with people who do not see the value in what you do.
Bottom line, you’re not a slacker. 
You want transformation, you want freedom, and more importantly, you want to make a lasting impact in the world. Hence, you hustle and hustle some more. 
Here’s the thing though. 
You’re hustling way too much. 
You’re hustling, but it sure would be nice if your bank account got the memo.

You’re hustling, but that alarm clock goes off “too early” too many mornings.

You’re hustling, but posting content, sending emails, and hopping on sales calls is kicking your butt after you put in a full day of work and showed up for your loved ones.

You keep hustling and working and grinding yourself, but the magic momentum that makes you a powerhouse (you know that inner fire that keeps you going?!) is missing in your business.

You know why?

Because you’re exhausted. Totally drained. 

And the ONLY way to create this magic momentum in your business while taking your income to a WHOLE new level is by having a proven system in place that will allow you to attract your dream clients on demand. 
Transform your business from “a hodgepodge shack of dreams” 
to a “freedom-fueling powerhouse” with your own 100% Automated client-attracting, cash-creating, Profit System (That Will Divorce the heartbreak and hassle of failed launches).
A one-of-its-kind done-with-you implementation program to help you…

Go from living launch-to-launch or driving yourself crazy with one-off clients to bringing in consistent cash with a results-driven client attraction system in just 90 days. 
In ten short weeks, I’ll teach you how to infuse magic momentum into your business and break your own profit ceiling by creating a strong, sustainable & scalable sales system that delivers RESULTS. 
A Profit System That Will Allow You To:
Attract (yes, attract, as in “they will come to you”) high paying clients 24/7 who you enjoy working with
Run errands on your own time instead of shoving your entire to-do list in your lunch break
Make a positive impact in the lives of others by leveraging your strengths
Walk around the mall for half a day if you want (and buy a pair of designer sneakers - or Enjoy Lunch At Your Favorite Bistro)
Turn your side-hustle into your full-time gig (one that makes you consistent money on automation)
Here’s what you get:
LIFETIME ACCESS to 6 fun, simple, can’t-over-think-it modules 
walking you through exactly how to set up your own 
cash-creating & client-attracting system.
MODULE 1: How To Create A Game Changing Business Growth Plan That Sets Your Desires On Fire
A lot of people that come to me are trying so hard to make their business work that they’re not bringing their unique talent to the world - the very thing that sets their business apart. No more ignoring your zone of genius! We are going to remove the hidden cloud over your business by creating a solid foundation for growth and scalability. We are going to take this time to identify your long and short terms and create a long range action plan. Make the shift from “I Wish” to “I Can” with my three-step goal and action plan process. 

This module is your roadmap to building a business that makes you come alive AND makes you money. You’ll finish this module clear on the results YOU offer and the framework you provide to deliver the promises you make.
MODULE 2: My secret formula to stop chasing and start attracting your ideal clients.
Business becomes FUN when you have people lining up to work with you, buy from you, and enroll in your courses, instead of YOU chasing them every freakin’ second of the day. This module is all about putting a system in place that will help attract a steady stream of your ideal clients. 

I will also answer some of your burning questions such as: what kind of content draws your ideal clients in? What exactly makes your ideal clients stay and pay you (over and over again) to help them even more? This module marks the end of you asking those questions and the beginning of creating compelling content that serves the world and expands your impact!

MODULE 3: Start strong by understanding and creating a solid foundation to your sales funnel system.
The magic formula to a successful custom sales funnel is to BUILD a system that gets your business to the people who are ready for it instead of FITTING your business into a system that worked for someone else. 

Owning a highly profitable business should not require you to be chained to your laptop, tablet or cell phone. It’s time to bring the process of activating the systems that will allow you to build a strong relationship with your village and your clients while enjoying the fruits of your labor. Learn how to use the internet to effectively market your business to high quality targeted leads with a custom sales funnel system that fits the business you want to own. Divorce the fear or tech overwhelm with step-by-step training videos that walk you through how to implement low tech solutions in your sales system. Discover how to use your sales funnel to overcome price objections and increase your revenue in shorter periods of time.

You won’t just walk away from this module with the building blocks to a successful custom sales system, but you’ll know exactly what you’re going to sell and WHY! 

MODULE 4: The Dos and Don’ts of a Freebie that Converts Downloaders to Buyers.
No more staring at a blank page (or into the dark)...wondering what kind of lead magnet to create that positions your passion and expertise as the answer to your ideal client’s most burning problem. Should your lead magnet be a PDF or a training? Should it be a live webinar or an evergreen one? Would a checklist do or does your audience need an extensive guide? 

Things are going to change (for better), because this module tells you exactly what kind of lead magnet to create and what not to create (considering your niche, audience and your personality). 

MODULE 5: Dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s of your complete sales funnel system.
Time to amp things up and take your sales to a whole new level! Have you dreamt of having a business model that supports being able to turn up the dial on how much money comes in? That’s possible once you put the power of multi-tier sales funnel to work for you. Learn how you can support clients with an automated sales system that puts your most valuable products and services within reach. Discover and implement my step-by-step sales strategy for rewarding clients who are willing to share my message with their friends, family and followers. Implement my no-brainer low-tech sales funnel system to create $10K+ per month without having to offer a dozen offers to your audience.

This module is all about helping you set-up a step-by-step funnel that builds your list, nurtures your subscribers, sells your products, and gets your clients to buy from you again and again! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!!

MODULE 6: Creating A Disney Experience By Growing & Leading An Engaged Community
There may be power in numbers but there is even more power when the numbers are with a community that loves your offers AND are willing to pay for the answers they are searching for. Effective leadership takes more than just showing up, after this month you will learn know how to bring “balance” to strategy and alignment, ignite your excitement and raise the profit levels in your business. Gain access to the weekly action plan I use to grow my email list community and keep my open rate at 30% and above. Discover how you can use social influence to grow your very own peer circles and partner with some of your favorite social media influencers and industry experts. 

By the end of this module, not only will you have locked in high-paying clients but they'll be so impressed by their experience, they'll be telling their friends, family and followers to work with you as well! 
The Resource Library (basically, me in your pocket).  
Guess what?! Along the way I’ve answered a lot of questions, created a lot of extra “worksheets” (you know those thoughts I wish I had included), even created how-to-scale-systems and YOU. GET. THEM. ALL.

Start simple and stack is more than our mantra, it’s how we build. In other words, you’ll get lifetime access to this goodness so when you’re ready to scale you will have everything you need to stack the next layer!

And, that’s not all!
In Profit Incubator, I am committed to helping each client set the foundation on a high-performance client attraction system.

This group coaching program is not another sales funnel course - it is the goal-hitting, life-changing, hands-on approach you need to not just set your business on fire... but change your lifestyle, as well.
It's Like Having Me In Your Back Pocket...
Studies show that you can increase the chance of achieving your goal by 65%-95% if you have accountability. This is the space to help you reach that kind of success. It’s your opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded entrepreneurs, shout-out your goals, and get a virtual pat on the back every step along the way.
Worried that even with all the videos and resource library you might have questions?! Don’t worry. There’s a here seat with your name on it. Got a question?! We got answers. All you have to do is show up and ask!
That’s right my face, my answers, my secrets. Ask me about the course content, your offer, marketing strategies or something not course related. 
It's your turn to become excited about your life. In these bi-weekly training sessions, I'll take you behind-the-scenes to how I set goals, take action to achieve them & celebrate my wins.
BONUS COURSE: The Five-Figure Affiliate Workshop
You know that product you love using?! In this course I’ll teach you how to position yourself as an influence so that companies will pay you to talk about that product you love.
WARNING: Could help you make an extra $50,000 a year.
BONUS COURSE: How to Sell in a 15 Minute Conversation
How nice would it be to get sale on a 15 minute phone call?! Oh and by the way, it was your first sales call with that person. Like a dream, right?! With a simple sales model leveraging the power of communication, I’ll teach you how to do just that in this audio training. 
3 Monthly payments of $433
Well, let me tell you…

I’m a business success coach and advanced sales funnel strategist who helps burnt-out dream-tired entrepreneurs trade hustling and when-will-I-ever-make-it for operating in their zone of genius and living life on their own terms.
But it hasn’t always been this way.
About nine years ago I entered the entrepreneurial world as a Personal Branding Coach. Basically, I taught individuals how to grow their business and connect with clients through strategic messaging and storytelling.

Along the way I implemented my own version sales funnels and my income tripled. 

But it wasn’t until an Internet Marketing Guru applauded my sales funnels that did a deep dive into their strategy. Launched another sales funnel and earned nothing. OOPS! 

That experience shifted my perspective from trying to be an internet marketer to leveraging the internet to market my services. From there my business skyrocketed. I went from $24,000 in 2013 to $83,000 and just over $232,000 in 2015.

December 2015, I left my corporate job and haven’t looked back since.  

I get a rush every time I help an entrepreneur fully embrace who they are and leverage their unique strengths. Helping business owners feel confident about making an income through serving the world with their skills is why I show up everyday!

  • The person who wants to serve MORE people without sacrificing their time or sanity in the process. 
  • The person who believes that if you do good you should live well, and if you live well you should do good.
  • The person who is curious - willing to try something new to have new, and BETTER results.
  • The person who is ready to trust the process, and take massive action to achieve their desired results (it’s a done-with-you implementation program, not another run o’ the mill DIY course). 
  • You’re the kind of person who doesn’t see the positive side of anything (like, when you don’t hit a goal, you can’t see anything you DID accomplish because all you can see is the missed checkmark).  
  • You’re the kind of person whose success is tied strictly to money.  
  • You’re the kind of person who thinks they know it all (says things like “I’ve tried that before”).
  • You’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to do any internal work to hit your goals.
It’s time to trade hustling, wondering and wishing for systematizing, sustainability and scalability.  
Once Profit Incubator begins the 7 day conditional guarantee will become active.  We move quickly in this program and 7 days is plenty of time for you to try it out and know if it's right for you.

If you complete the first assignment to the best of your ability, ask for when you need, and can honestly say that this isn't worth your time, then we will offer you a prompt and courteous refund.  

THIS PART IS IMPORTANT.... if you do not complete the first assignment or your request falls outside of the 7-day window ... we cannot fulfill your request.

I will honor my commitment to you... and you must honor yours.
IF PROFIT INCUBATOR IS FOR YOU, you already know by know.
The Client Attraction Blueprint System
10 Weeks Of LIVE Coaching with Kim McCarter
Detailed, Follow-Along Training Videos
Essential Resource Library
The Five Figure Affiliate Course
Intensive Secrets Masterclass
Private Facebook Community
Virtual Mindset Meetups
Virtual Co-Working Days
Invite To Luxury VIP Retreat In Bali (August, 2019)
Personalized 90-Day Action Plan
But you don’t have to just take our word for it.
Tara tripled her investment in less than ten weeks...
"As a result of her coaching, I take actions that maximize my results and I spend minimal amounts of time on side issues. In addition, she has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my business, but also the quantity of money they pay me as well. That’s right - in 30 days, we revamped my messaging so I can attract my ideal clients and doubled my income. I am also blessed with Kim’s ongoing humor, wisdom, and big sister love which are priceless and rare."
- TARA JONES, Financial Coach, Your Pretty Pennies
Emily turned her side hustle into a multi-six figure biz...
“Meeting Kim was a business blessing. She was able help me take my stationary business from the dining room table to over $170,000 in revenue in less than 15 months. We were able to convert the garage into a beautiful workspace and hire a few local stay-at-home-moms to help with production. From consideration to implementation, she has been everything I needed. She’s a business gift from God.”
- emily pierce, etsy shop owner
Lauryn found out, she didn't have to figure it out alone...
“Working with Kim has been the accountability kick in the ass needed to push me out of stuckage and into action. Every time I work with Kim, whether in RF Pro or in an intensive, I walk away with mind-blowing clarity. If your SOS – Stuck on Stuckage – Kim has the key to slice through your self-sabotage and action to force you to another level. She is also the QUEEN MOTHER of addressing hardworking perfectionists who love to overwhelm and overwork themselves. You need to manage your boundaries, overgiving, and undercharging? Kim’s the one you need!“
- Lauryn D., brand strategist
R'Chelle Went From Charging $125 Per Project To Signing $17,000 Clients!
"When I first met Kim in 2015 I was writing sales pages for $125, confused about my target audience and on the verge of abandoning the entrepreneur life. Fully aware that I'd likely resist, Kim mapped out a simple plan that would help me reach the top tier client I needed to be in front of and command the dollar amount I knew I needed. Jan 1st I committed myself to working that plan and was relentless in the process. Within a month I was booking Intensives with my new pricing model and on the 54th day of working this crazy plan that terrified me, I signed my first platinum client for a $17k services."
Camia Was Finally Able To Leave My Corporate Job!"
“Kim’s profit plan is exactly what I needed and more for my online administration business. Her 3 product offerings strategy keeps things not only simple for my business model, but very effective! All of my offerings now flow together, so I wont leave my clients hanging. They will always have a way to continue to work with me. I did not have this model in my business before working with Kim, and now everything makes sense! I am more than confident in offering my services to my target market, and I now do this by serving in my passion and areas of expertise. The clarity I have is out of this world. Thank you Kim!!“
- Camia Parker - Online Business Manager
LaKisha made her investment back just ONE week after learning the system!
"I am so grateful that I followed my intuition even when I was afraid and unsure. Working with Kim McCarter literally breathed life back into my dreams.

I am working with 6-7 figures dream clients now who pay me what my services are worth. I am making more money than I ever have while working less hours and with fewer clients.

If you are ready to do the work and want sure fire results put your money on Kim I promise you will not be disappointed."
Brit Used My Six Step System To Manifest Dream Business, Her Dream Relationships & Hit Her Highest Revenue Months!"
  • You deserve to be paid well for your brilliance. You’ve worked hard. You’ve been in labour for way to long attempting to get on the path to consistent clients & cash flow. You have BIG BOSS goals… you’ve created the offers, started building the community and you are clear on your mission. Its time you start  to witness the payoff.Profit Incubator gives you access to a proven 6-step formula that allows them to define, implement AND hit your profit goals without having to use complicated systems.
  • Making the shift from corporate to entrepreneur to business owner can be lonely. And more often than many would like to admit – our family and friends cannot relate to the challenges we face that’s why you need a trusted brave space. You've been trying to figure this out for a while and you know that you cannot scale to the level of success they desire alone. When you enroll in Profit Incubator, you join our exclusive community of purpose-driven, spirit-filled, high energy, ready to face the world business owners who are READY to stand with you back-to-back to make sure you know you are being held and supported.
  • Like you, I know that you know your ish. You are a true BOSS when it comes this work that you do. You know that you do this thang like nobody’s business. Its time to make sure you are major player in your industry. Lets divorce the idea that you have to create endless amounts of content to get that done and lets create content that elevates your impact, influence and income by making sure you are seen as the go-to solution.
You’ve positioned your business for greatness and it’s time to ignite your fire. 

You’ve had some stumbling blocks on this journey. As women we wear many hats: wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, aunt and for some of you… employee. You’ve been trying to find a balance and it seems like every time you are ready to focus on scaling your business – life happens. So you put off your dreams in order to support others. That’s very noble of you – its also a cycle. #HardTruthMoment Life throws curves balls to see how committed you are to what you say you want. And every time you answer a challenge by taking time to “figure it out” or telling yourself “its not meant to be right now” you are subconsciously reminding that you haven’t went all in on your commitment to your goals.

If you want to belong to a space that will help you honor the commitment to yourself – my Profit Incubator program is for you.
You probably feel like you have been on the hamster wheel when it comes to scaling your business. You’ve been putting in countless hours and the needle isn’t pushing forward as far as you would like. Here’s what I know for sure, if you can commit to devoting at least ten hours per week to implementing the action plan we develop for your business you’ll see a quantum leap.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Profit Incubator isn’t a one size fits all coaching & mastermind space? You enrollment includes a trusted community environment to make sure you KNOW exactly how to apply my proven 6-step The Client Attraction Framework to your mission and goals.
Your brilliance has a value that needs to be honored. You want to master how to position your products & services in front of an audience who is able AND willing to invest in that value. You no longer want to hustle long hours. You only want to work with clients who are perfect for you. You know in order to get to this special place in your business its going to require three things: a time investment, an emotional investment and a financial investment.

Profit Incubator is the only group coaching space where I go ALL IN. It’s not restricted to calls times and deliverables. Its where I commit to supporting you in getting the work done in order to reap the rewards. The investment isn’t cheap… but having a coach who will stand back to back with you against anything comes for you or your business is priceless.
They Asked Me This... And I Answered With...
Q: Will there be a way for me to ask questions?

A:  Absolutely, Profit Incubator includes ten weeks of live group coaching.  You'll be able to ask questions in our private Facebook Community and on our coaching calls.
Q: I’m just starting out in business and have no idea how to get things going. Is this right for me?
Profit Incubator is for a very specific business owner. You should have an established business and have sold your products & services in the past or currently work in a profession that you want to build a business around.  If you are unsure of what type of business you want to grow or your area of expertise, Profit Incubator is not for you.
Q: What will we achieve by the end of the program?
A:  If you have completed all of the step and taken action by the end of Profit Incubator, you will have a multi-level client attraction system running in your business and attracted 3-5 (or more) paying clients.
Q: Who is Game Changers for?

A: Purpose-driven and service-based entrepreneurs who have a big mission and message that needs to be shared with the world. You’ve created all the offers and have put in all the work – only to still feel like the best kept secret among your biz besties.
Q: How does the application process work?
A: It’s super easy. 

Step 1: Apply. Be sure to complete your application throughly and honestly. It’s the only thing I have to make a decision on.  

Step 2: Review. It’s take about two business days to receive a response to your application. Once your application is reviewed you will receive an email notification of my decision.

Note: If you are approved for Profit Incubator, you will receive an email with your next step instructions. You will have two business days to take action. If you miss the deadline, you will need to reapply.
Q: What is the investment for Profit Incubator?
A:  There are two levels available in Profit Incubator.  You can learn more by scrolling to the pricing table below.
Q: When does Profit Incubator begin?
A: Profit Incubator begins on Monday, April 15, 2019.  Our class orientations is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 24th, 2019.
Q: Is this one of those programs with 100s of people?
A:  Nope.  I only enroll 20 clients at a time inside of Profit Incubator and there are only three spots available for the Elite level.
Profit Incubator is the ONLY way to create magic momentum in your business while taking your income to a WHOLE new level With Me By Your Side. 
If You Are Still Here, its obvious you want in.
The Client Attraction Blueprint System
10 Weeks Of LIVE Coaching with Kim McCarter
Detailed, Follow-Along Training Videos
Essential Resource Library
The Five Figure Affiliate Course
Intensive Secrets Masterclass
Private Facebook Community
Virtual Mindset Meetups
Virtual Co-Working Days
Invite To Luxury VIP Retreat In Bali (August, 2019 )
Personalized 90-Day Action Plan
3 Monthly Payments Of
4 Monthly Payments Of
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